We have been in our church for just over a year. We are working hard with an older congregation to help them see the benefits of modern worship for this generation. God sent a young man our way to lead worship. He is fantastic.
I know that his being at our church is a tremendous asset. We really want to keep him. We are providing Individual health insurance for him. Do you guys find that providing insurance for his wife would be a common practice?

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Comment by Jeff on October 4, 2009 at 10:31am
Hi Cindy,

Is this worship leader full time staff? Do you have any other staff who's wife/family is covered? I would say that if he is full time and your church is financially able to provide coverage for him and his family I would do it. Especially if you would like to see him stay for years to come. However, I say that knowing that the cost of providing health care has sky rocketed. In my surrounding communities, all of the full time worship leaders that I know of (about 10) have health insurance that cover their families.

This is just something that you and the other leadership of the church needs to seek wisdom from the Lord in prayer.

God bless you and your church!


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