Today it’s one of those topics which people do not want to talk about but let us digress it together and we are talking about the fear of the Lord.

The words which fear means properly fear, terror, reverence, or holy fear, seen in
Psalms 2:11 and fear also means reverence toward God, piety, religion - in which sense it is often used.

The "fear of the Lord,” is a phrase of the Old Testament which show piety, of which piety means (reverence for or devotion), meaning reverential trust, with hatred of evil. Dictionary states that fear is a feeling of great worry or anxiety caused by knowledge of danger.

“But as for me, I will come into thy house in the multitude of thy mercy: and in thy fear will I worship toward thy holy temple”, Psalms 5:7

A basic interpretation of this verse would be, in a place of fear (reverence, deep, respect, awe,) I will worship you towards your holy temple. What David looks unto is the state in which he approaches God in, deliberately and knowingly walking in that fear and worshipping God.

Most people do not reverence or stand in awe of God, Moses and the people would stand in terror when they saw God coming down on a mountain in a thick cloud, with thunder and lightning. Their response was to worship God not in fear but in the terror that God could end their lives there and then. God is not looking to scare you, He is looking to see you walk in fear of who He is.

“There is that fear that is not coupled with love and trust, and therefore can lead only to terror and despair”

The fear of the Lord is not just fear as seen in the New International Version where it replaces the word ‘fear’ with ‘reverence’. In the fear of the lord, "There is the convergence of awe, reverence, adoration, honor, worship, confidence, thankfulness, love, and, yes, fear.

So then Worshipping in the Fear of God means that our attitude and lifestyle should then carry these attributes reverence, adoration, honor thankfulness and love. We are talking of Worship not a Sunday ritual but a daily activity and ritual however you would like to put it. Walking, singing, praying, playing instruments, dancing or even bowing should be done in the Fear of who God is.

This is just an introduction, laying ground and in the next article we hit this home and see what worship in the fear of the lord is done. See you in the next article.

Worship in The Beauty Of His Holiness

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