In the late 1980's I had an Integrity cassette subscription and received a new recording every other month.  Others had similar subscription with Vineyard.  By the mid 1990's it was more a matter to go to the local Christian book store and buy CDs from these publishers and the new comer - WorshipTogether joined the rank by the end of the 90's.  This pretty much continued for most of the first decade of the new millennium.  Now you go there and find a few oldies in the $4.99 bin.

I remember also the worship email discussion list in the mid to late 1990s where you could connect with other worship leaders and find independent sources.  I got a few indie CDs that were cool too.

Worship conferences were a place you could learn new material too.  The same for some other conferences and Bible camps and concerts.  Things have become more commercialized the last decade or so.  Even worship conferences are more about artists and followings than the art and craft of worship.

My sister finds stuff on the local Christian radio station.  Do younger people even listen to radio any more, or is this just targeting us older folk who grew up with radio and TV.

Now you can buy online easily with iTunes and the like.  You don't even have to buy whole albums any more.

Then some of us write our own songs to add to the mix too.

So where do you go to these days to find worship songs to use?  What criteria do you use?  Do you feel you are finding good material that uplifts and brings the people into worshiping God, or do you think that you are just on a commercialized bandwagon?

Do you still get stuff from the radio?  Do you listen to other people's Internet radio feeds?  Anyone check out outlets such as NoiseTrade where you can get a free download, and then tip the artist later if you like it?

In this more digital and net-socialized age, what is your favorite "watering hole" for new worship material?

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