The glory of the Lord is what we live for, to bring him glory. In old English they would say glory is to ascribe or give back the honour and splendor to him who deserves it. Glory in Hebrew and Greek speaks of splendor, light, rarity, honour beauty and abundance.

God is already full of glory (honour, power, majesty, rarity) and there is nothing we can do to change it. He already receives perfect worship from all angels and heavenly beings. We can not change that and we can’t subtract from that, He remains God but glorifying God is the essence of our lives.

“For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour”, Psalms 8:5 KJV

This glory within us that has been crowned upon man is what causes people like Jay Z to call themselves Jehovah. It is that glory within man that causes many to seek after themselves and not God. “That no flesh should glory in his presence”, 1Corithians 1:29 God spoke about it that we shouldn’t glory in our flesh.

We were created by God, beautiful in his nature of glory. If you are not beautiful or do not feel as such look deep within and see the glory of God on the inside, you have been crowned with Glory and honour before you were born.

Worship is a vehicle that allows us access to his presence, his desire is that we spend time and commune with Him and enjoy his presence. “He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord”, 1Corinthians 1:31 Pst Bonnie Deuschle always says that “Worship is becoming” which means you become more and more like the one that you worship.

In Exodus 34:29 -34 Moses had to cover his face so that he could talk to the Children of Israel because the glory of the Lord was upon his life after spending forty days and forty nights in the mountain Face to Face with God.

Who you are today reflects who the people you spend time with everyday, those who have godly characters they have them because they spend time with god. What are we glorying in everyday, who do we spend time with everyday of your life is the one whose glory you live by.

So many times we end up showing people the glory that is in our lives (human glory) and to those who do not know they can not relate to it. People should be attracted to the glory of God that we carry in our lives, it’s not ours it’s the Lord’s glory.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”, Matthew 5:16. God desires that we carry his glory and nature into the world and show the world the beauty and splendour. Our lives should be contagious in our all our labour that we don’t stand in our glory.

We are worshippers and God desires us to commune with us all the days of our lives and one of the by products of spending time with Him is that we become more like him in nature and you inturn carry his glory and splendour. God wants our worship or our works to bring Him glory. Lets not stand in our glory and minister to the earth that God is good why that is so because our glory is limited and his can turn someone life within a minute.

Spend time in the presence of God get the DNA, nature and glory of God and go into the world and let the glory of the Lord over your life preach the good news of our Lord Jesus and if necessary use words.

Worship Him In The Beauty of His Holiness.

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