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At 3:01pm on August 11, 2013, Dale said…

Hi Michael, a few years ago I posted a song that was a kind of experiment (Sanctus). I mixed Gregorian chant with modern styles and instruments. You gave me some much needed encouragement and I want to give you and update... I wrote and recorded 9 more songs using the same idea (Gregorian Rock) and last month started a Kickstarter project (http://kck.st/16ycRLO) to raise funds for the mixing and mastering. Kickstarter.com is a "crowd-funding" site. It was a success, so the mix/master process is underway as I type. Blessings, Dale

At 5:57am on December 15, 2010, Luis Cascalheira said…

HI MICHAEL,long time since i have spoken to you how are you doing,well i am back in South Africa after being in Canada for 6 months really enjoyed it and made some great friends ,but with all the roads we travel we find mountains valleys and so much more ,we cry we laugh and often stand amazed at the grace of God and His love even in a foreign land .I am planning to be back next year and who knows i will spend sometime in Dallas as well as California God willing,as i have friends their.BLESSINGS and yes the music you are writing is awesome-LUIS

At 7:53pm on October 30, 2010, Michael said…

I am truly inspiried and flattered for the work you are doing for Jesus and my true spiritual family. I cannot thank you enough with all of my heart. You should invite me to a jam session with you and worship at your church. I'd be honored to perform with you sometime with great passion! Contact me anytime and let's exchange phone numbers and stay in touch. For the Kingdom we should honor The Lord and it would be exciting to play with another professional. My Father would be pleased. Thank you for all of your hard work in ministry and worship. Keep rocking for the Lord.


Prince Michael
At 10:55am on September 12, 2010, Ron Krajcik said…
Thanks for the note,
Like your music. I'll upload some of my tunes when I figure out how to do it. Til then, I have enjoyed listening to yours. Powerful. Regards, Ron
At 2:09pm on September 3, 2010, Daniel John Riedl said…
hey michael... "resist the devil" is soooo cool! it speaks straight to my heart. RESIST THE DEVIL. i would love to have you checking my new tracks ... my album BLANK SHEET OF PAPER is now ready and i`ve uploaded four tracks here on WTR.
Blessings from Germany. D.
At 4:00am on April 18, 2010, Gerald Sharp said…
Love the easy sound of Bless me. Is this the same Mix you sent me before or an improved one? Sorry I have been too busy to respond sooner. God continue to bless you, my brother and in all you are doing.
At 11:28pm on April 13, 2010, Elman Authement said…
Great sounding stuff, but more, I love the report of your ministry and what you guys are doing. Awesome.
At 1:14pm on November 29, 2009, Luis Cascalheira said…
HEY Michael how are you long time no talk from this side, i have been quite caught up in regards to work, as well as i have finished the application for the ministry oppertuinity in CANADA with Andrea and Jose in a place called Osoyoos, i must say the visa process has been quite a long drawn out process.Spiritually i have been in what we all know and have experienced some time in our lives that place called the desert, and i must say i dont always understand all things and the reasons for some of these situations, but one thing i do know their is a serious seperation coming to all of us and that is the carnel man and the spirit man (the inner man) and the warring that goes on is really inside of us as God purifys His body for the significant times that lay ahead for all our lives, somehow i have been silenced and that means i cant even sit down and write a song unless HE the Spirit gives it to me, i dont wont to sound like i am super spiritual, but i will say this sometimes its a lonly place and you are not sure if their is anyone their to lean on,but we will overcome by the blood of the LAMB.
At 6:18am on September 12, 2009, daniel cash said…
Elijay?! I spent a lot of time on the Cartecay River over there. I, too, am a Georgia boy, but now I live the Watertown, NY (waaaaay up north!)
At 7:58pm on August 24, 2009, Diana Jurss said…
Hi Michael,
Thanks for your supportive comments. I have been a member of the
Methodist Church for over 20 years and have read up on its early history
and founders. It definitely is the right place for me. I can say that becoming
a member of our Praise Team has done a lot in the way of teaching me
a new level of committment and service. I guess the more we participate
in anything the more a-part-of-it we feel.
At 3:09am on July 28, 2009, Ellen Parks said…
Hey Micheal, I'm glad u added me to ur page thank u . I am very excited about the cd, U have given us the chance of a life time, God always gives u ppl that he knows are going to bless u as u try to do his work. I truly believe that God put u in my life for his glory, thank yo for all the hard work u are doing for us. We all love u very much and u are so anointed in the word, U have already been appointed my shepherd, thank u again Micheal u are great and i love u very much,, Ellen
At 12:21pm on July 23, 2009, Joel Hinck said…
Thanks for adding me. Do you have a studio at your ranch? That would be awesome.
At 6:22am on July 23, 2009, Dale said…
Thank you for the kind words. I will take them as confirmation of some of my recent musings. God bless.
At 5:55pm on July 17, 2009, Daniel John Riedl said…
hey michael... thank you for your comment on my page. thank you so much.... wasn`t online for some time. thats why i get back to you that late. sorry.
i like your stile man. it is absolutely inspiring. or in other words. this song rocks... lift up your hand.... whoohoo!!!! :-) ... really cool. thank you.
check out my new songidea. "you make me sing" its in my player. would be great to get your feedback. d.
At 7:09am on July 13, 2009, Lorraine Doswell said…
Hi Michael, thank you so much for friend add and heartfelt message. You are right of course in what you say, I just need reminding sometimes. God Bless you for your integrity and all you do for Him. Off to work now, 8.00am here! Lorraine
At 8:21am on July 8, 2009, Gerald Sharp said…
Hi, Michael

Have a meeting with a radio station this morning regarding advertising costs and plan an important meeting for sponsorship next week. Please pray we get what we need.

God bless
At 3:20am on June 29, 2009, John Woolard said…

Thank you for your kind words concerning FOCUS, and thank you for the friend request.

The style of FOCUS is very high energy - even our "worship" songs have that underlying current to them - much like United.

In my experience, I have found one way to record many vocalists and keep them on an even keel, and that is to run them all through a group, and then use a vocal compressor (the dbx 286A Microphone Preamp Processor makes a great unit for this and won;t bankrupt the church at 200.00) to keep everyone in line. With the proper settings, it brings everyone into focus, clarifies the individual voices and limits the ones who just have to yell at the worst times. Then I use that sub-group to the mains, as well as link them to the aux send I am using for a direct out to the computer.

It works very well. I will upload an example of this technique that we used at a church in Michigan with a much bigger band than FOCUS (3pc Power Praise band - too fun!) plus they have 6 singers on mics in addition to the worship leader.

God bless ya and hope to chat with youmore soon. I am a certified gear-head and love to talk, share and learn with everyone I can about sound.

Life is just too short to have bad sound!
At 6:40am on June 19, 2009, Luis Cascalheira said…
How are you Michael,it is always encouraging to share with brothers and sisters who are relating to the same questions world wide,it amazes me that here in South Africa all the way to the US and other countries Christians are saying the same things this is what makes me believe that the Spirit of truth and the shaking of our church institutions are being shaken.I have been put in a difficult situation right now where my wife and i have been part of this church for 7 years, we actually were the support to this ministry from a split that happened in a congregation that we had left prior to this fellowship being established,after a while i started asking questions relating to what i stood on ,and that was the freedom and hunger for the Holy Spirit as well as a musician and minister to really share the heart of the LORD ,But this was soon quenched where at this stage they hold my wife in high esteem as one who submits and is well liked because of this ,4 weeks ago i was told not to sing prophetically as the people are not ready for this, then i said okay, the following Sunday i was in the congregation and worshiping the Lord with all my heart and with all my strength,the following Monday i was called in and told that i was to step down from playing drums, as well as not to sing to loud as they felt i was trying to lead the congregation from the pews, i was amazed and hurt, and the worse thing is that to a certain degree my wife has been led to believe that this is correct as she was leading that night on acoustic guitar ,so all i was doing is entering into worship of my King,then a statement has been made to my wife that she must no longer stand in my shadow, as the Lord has a calling upon her life,this process has shown me the divide religion brings that can break up even our relationships,i told them i will never let any man stop me from glorying God and this is now been called rebellion,i thought i would share this as the hurt has penetrated deeper than i thought and yes, i am seeking the Lord for His guidance. Please pray for me as i believe the attack on the Prophetic people who see the day approaching will be silenced by the enemy,but will not succeed.Blessings Luis
At 6:14am on June 17, 2009, Luis Cascalheira said…
Thanks for the reply,i know my pastor is a good man, and i dont have anything personal against him or his calling as a pastor and i respect that, but more and more i have been challenged in regards to the true 5 fold apostolic regeneration in these days as we can see that the church at this stage is about to enter a season of great change, and if we as members of this universal body of whom JESUS is the corner stone are not hearing the sound from heaven, singing songs and having a good program will not cut it anymore as i see an army arising on all 4 corners of the earth,and the divided camps will then enter, the one an army who will not be silent,and the other a people accepting the ordinary, who are we ? is this maybe that i hear in the spirit a dividing of the natural and the supernatural,or is that what we perceive as humans is all we believe,i think of GOD as the creator of the ant as well as the galaxies,and all that is to much for comprehension,why is it we fear man more at times than the LORD GOD OF ABRAHAM ,ISAAC,AND JACOB.May we hear and know the Spirit in these days that we do not walk by sight but by faith in our Lord and savior .blessings LUIS
At 8:25am on June 16, 2009, Luis Cascalheira said…
This is the Key of David ,JESUS has the keys HE is the key and we worship HIM to the glory of the Father, i have been in a very challenging place right now in my life, whereby my pastor wants total submission in all areas in order for my freedom to release my gifting s, this has come as no surprise as i have been challenging them the leadership in what the LORD is saying,but yes a Prophet is not welcome in his own territory,whereby i am battling to accept submission in a form of control, and i can see this clearly where he has said that he controls the worship, i am confused where by i have also been told the the pastor is the worship leader,then what happens when he is not a worshiper, i am not saying that the preaching of the word is not important,but i do believe that the prophetic ministry has been quenched to such a degree that we are stifled ,and gagged about how we worship ,i believe the word says we must worship in spirit and truth,the truth is we have been liberated from sin,and secondly we have received the spirit whereby we cry ABBA FATHER so we are really in the days where the Tabernacle of David restored in us the living stones will SHOUT ,SING and declare the glory of the LORD is here.
BLESS YOU brother-- LUIS

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